Benefits for landlords

Ordinary agreement

The tenant has a delay in payments with  3 months rent and also 3 months incidental expenses. The maximum deposit only covers part of it

The apartment is abandoned or premature termination for no reason. The apartment is empty and the deposit will be used to pay for utilities 

The tenant himself (or family members living with him, or pets) has caused damage to the rented property. The deposit is not enough to cover all repair costs

Unlawful possession after the expiry of Rental agreement. The landlord cannot get rid of the unfair tenant, bills are unpaid and the apartment is not handed over. The landlord needs to go to court, that includes search of a representative and costs of the proceeding  

The landlord needs advice

Rendin agreement

Protection of rent and utility  payments up to 3 months

Protection of rent and utility payments up to 3 months

Property protection in the amount of up to 100 monthly rents

Landlord´s lawful interests protection in the amount of up to 6 monthly rents

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